1. What is Key to REALity(K2R)?

Key to REALity (K2R) is a growing black-owned multimedia art business that creates 1 of 1 pieces of artwork and all creations are done by hand. Our style is cartoon/ pop art and we offer limited collections and commissions. K2R was est. 2018 and what started out as a dream became a reality. 

2. How do I request commission pieces?

There is a section listed on the site where you select the size of canvas and once your invoice is created email me the confirmation and what you want created. Please visit purchasing on our menu before checking out.

3. How long do commissions take? 

This information can be found under purchasing in the Menu.

4. How much is shipping?

Prices vary depending on carrier (Fedex or USPS ) 

5. How can I support you without having to purchase art?

You can purchase a shirt with any of my designs on it, like & share the instagram page and website, invest in my craft